As a surfer growing up in Virginia Beach, it seemed natural to photograph the surfing culture I was a part of, but soon I shifted my lens in a more abstract way to the seaside itself. I am drawn to the infinite landscape that exists at the shoreline: the confluence between land, sea, and sky.

I point my camera toward the endless space at the edge of the ocean, the varied colors of the sky, and the shape of transitory clouds. I am particularly drawn to sculptural rock formations and man-made structures, observing how light and water interface with these forms. While I enjoy traditional landscapes and travel photography, I always gravitate back to the ocean’s edge. (17).jpg

My Approach

My approach to photography is intentional: always striving to learn and perfect my craft. My business career has given me the ability to pursue photography unencumbered by the demands of commercializing my work. While I do not focus on marketing my work; it can still be found in private, corporate and public institutions. In 2010, I was invited to exhibit twenty of my large-scale seascapes at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC. These images became part of the Federal Reserve permanent collection and remain on display in the building.

My passion

My passion for photography has also developed through my role as collector of vintage and contemporary photography spanning the nineteenth century to the present day. My interests as a collector are varied… a few of my favorites are Harry Callahan, Diane Arbus, Eugene Smith, Lee Friedlander, Arnold Newman, Bruce Davidson and Margaret Bourke-White.